Golden Tee: PGA Tour Brings Real Golf Courses To Series

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Golden Tee: PGA Tour Brings Real Golf Courses To Series

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Golden Tee: PGA Tour Brings Real Golf Courses To Series For First Time


And did we mention the cupholders?

The long-running golf arcade game Golden Tee is making its return, and the new version has a modern-looking, sleek design that packs in a feature sure to please hardcore players.

Golden Tee: PGA Tour is the latest iteration of Golden Tee, following the 88-course Golden Tee 2021, and it's expected to launch in Q2 2021. The new version is compatible via online game modes with the previous game, though a deal in place with the PGA Tour means that Golden Tee 2021 can't simply be converted.

The game comes equipped with an NFC card reader to make it easy for returning players to sign in and continue from where they left off, so there will be no doubt about who the best Golden Tee player is at the arcade.

The control scheme retains the classic Golden Tee trackball, requiring precise shots, and there is also a small screen on the control deck. There is also plenty of space behind the trackball so you don't accidentally fling your arm forward on a powerful shot and punch the main display, and there appear to be several cupholders underneath. Golf is not exactly an aerobic workout, but it can't hurt.

Golden Tee: PGA Tour is the first game in the series to include real golf courses, and "other elements of the golfing world" will be coming down the line via updates. It's initially only going to be available via commercial sales, but developer Incredible Technologies is planning to roll it out to home arcades in the future.

If you do want Golden Tee in your home right now, there is a 3/4 scale Arcade1Up version available. It features several of the older games going up to Golden Tee 2K, and though it's slightly smaller, the software is identical to the genuine arcade versions. slot pg
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