NI DIAdem 2021

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NI DIAdem 2021

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NI DIAdem 2021 | 2.9 Gb
Languages: English, Deutsch, 日本語
National Instruments is pleased to announce the availability of DIAdem 2021, the tool of software designed specifically so that engineers and scientists are more efficient when locating, inspect, analyse and inform on the data of measure.

- The DIAdem icon in the Windows Start menu shows the major version number.
- Right-click the buttons to scroll through the tabs in VIEW, REPORT, and SCRIPT to quickly select the tab you want.
DIAdem NAVIGATOR, DataFinder, Data Portal
- In the Data Portal, you can pin new channels automatically.
- In the Data Portal, you can create video channels by specifying the path to the video file.
- DIAdem installs a new DataPlugin that allows you to search for video files in NAVIGATOR and drag and drop them into the Data Portal to create video channels.
- With the new "Bird's Eye View" display type in DIAdem VIEW, you can display radar data, including road course, lane, object list, and sensor fields of view, from a bird's eye perspective. You can synchronize this data with GPS data and the detected objects in the video. Use the playback functions of VIEW to start the bird's eye view display and play back the detected objects, the associated measurement data, and the videos concurrently, or move the cursor to a specific point in time.
- As in DIAdem REPORT, you do not need to specify the x-channel in the VIEW display types if the y-channel is an xy-channel.
- The coordinates dialog box has been extended with functions for positioning the cursor.
- You can now edit all settings of a video in the redesigned video settings dialog box.
- In the video display mode, you can also use the new video channels.
- You can move or copy VIEW areas using drag and drop. Moving or copying across different worksheets is also possible. When you move or copy an area and position it behind the last worksheet, you can create a new worksheet at the same time.
- You can create a video area by dragging and dropping a video channel onto an empty area, or replace an existing video in a video area by dragging a video channel onto that area.
DIAdem Script
- The DIAdem Python environment also supports Python version 3.8.
- You can specify an external Python IDE and use it to edit Python scripts.
- The automatically generated header of new Python files contains commands to activate the external debugger. See the help for a detailed description of how to set up the external debugger.
- When creating new scripts, you can choose whether you prefer VBS or Python as the script language.
- The short code snippets of the help now show Python code as well as VBS code.
- There are new methods for moving or copying VIEW areas with a script.
- There are new methods for copying curves in DIAdem VIEW with a script.
- The conversion functions for converting one channel type to another have been renamed so that they all start with "ChnConvert", for example, ChnConvertNumericToTime, ChnConvertNumericToWaveform, or ChnConvertTextToAssignment.
- The dialog box for selecting files when testing analysis automation procedures for SystemLink TDM is now resizable to allow the use of long file names.
Dialog Editor
- The slider control provides you with a new input tool in your user dialogs.
Preview Features
Preview features give an outlook on features in future versions. The functions to be unlocked are still under development and the user interface, the API, or the scope of functions may change. Enable this function in the Settings»DIAdem Settings» Preview Features dialog box.
- The DIAdem Python environment also supports Python version 3.9.
- DIAdem supports complex channels. You can load and save complex channels. You can convert numeric channels to complex channels and vice versa.
- The Bus Log Converter also supports the TTTech TTL format.



DIAdemis application software that helps engineers accelerate post-processing of measurement data. It is optimized for large data sets and includes tools to quickly aggregate and search for the data you need, view and investigate that data, transform it with engineering-specific analysis functions and share results with a powerful drag-and-drop report editor. You can use DIAdem with over one thousand data file formats by utilizing DataPlugins. You can leverage scripts written in Python or Visual Basic to automate your repetitive data post-processing tasks and transform your measurement data into complete, accurate, and actionable insights.

This video gives a brief introduction to NI DIAdem. Use NI DIAdem for finding, viewing, and analyzing data and for presenting the measured and analyzed data in reports.

Since 1976, National Instrumentshas equipped engineers and scientists with tools that accelerate productivity, innovation and discovery. NI's graphical system design approach to engineering provides an integrated software and hardware platform that speeds the development of any system needing measurement and control. The company's long-term vision and focus on improving society through its technology supports the success of its customers, employees, suppliers and shareholders.

Product:NI DIAdem
Version:2021 (build 21.0.0f8135) *
Supported Architectures:x64
Website Home Page :
Code : Tout sélectionner]

Language:English, Deutsch, 日本語
System Requirements:PC **
Size:2.9 Gb

*Note: SUD files from DIAdem 2021 cannot be loaded in an earlier DIAdem version.

For correct DIAdem performance, the following minimum requirements must be met:

CPUx64 compatible processor, 1.6 GHz or more
Amount of memory2 GB or more
Hard disk memoryDepending on the operating system, up to 6 GB free storage space on the system partition
Graphic cardColor depth at least 16-bit (High Color), 24-bit, or 32-bit (True Color) recommended
Screen resolutionFrom 1280x800 with a scaling step of 100%

Supported Operating Systems
- Windows 10 64-bit
- Windows Server 2016
- Windows Server 2019

NoteFor automatic evaluation on server operating systems, NI recommends the use of the SystemLink module Analysis Automation instead of DIAdem.
NoteDIAdem runs only with restrictions on the N or KN edition of Windows because the multimedia support is missing. You can obtain this as "Media Feature Pack" from Microsoft and install it later.

Download link:
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