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Blizzard Explains WoW Classic Beta Rumors

Message Publié : 05 Mars 2021, 06:06
par xysoom
Blizzard Explains WoW Classic Beta Rumors

The community has long suspected that Blizzard are already testing everything on a beta server. What wasn’t quite clear, though, was whether players would get some hands-on experience before the official launch. Not according to a new blue post in the Blizzard forum dedicated to Classic.To get more news about cheap wow gold, you can visit lootwowgold official website.

Community manager Bornakk addressed the latest flurry of excitement surrounding a recently leaked snapshot produced by, which captured a glimpse of the WoW Classic Beta uploaded onto Blizzard’s content management system.

Blizzard have felt like they need to address this and there was Bornakk to explain the availability of a beta client and whether it would mean a beta before the official launch:

Hey folks! I’ve got a small update here to help quell some of the rumors and let you know where we are at for WoW Classic. We recently began a phase of internal employee alpha testing. The new build data that many of you have been discussing over the last few days is simply part of this process. Phases like this allow us to test out the game content along with other functionality that will be used in the live game, like logging in through the Blizzard 175 App.