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IQOS Heat-Not-Burn Tobacco Products

Message Publié : 05 Mars 2021, 06:18
par xysoom
IQOS Heat-Not-Burn Tobacco Products

A new device that heats tobacco without burning is now available. It claims to be safer than cigarettes. Don't be fooled! There is no safe type of tobacco use. To get more news about iqos, you can visit hitaste official website.

In 2019, these heat-not-burn tobacco products became legal in the United States. They are different from vape pens, JUUL and e-cigarettes.IQOS ("I Quit Ordinary Smoking") is a brand of heated tobacco products that is being marketed as "a better alternative to smoking." Because the tobacco is heated, the company claims that it has less chemicals than burned tobacco. These claims are based solely on research conducted by the tobacco industry. Independent studies are needed to help understand the health effects of using heat-not-burn devices.

The IQOS heat-not­-burn device uses a disposable tobacco unit called called a "HEET" or "HeatStick" filled with compressed ground tobacco, which is inserted into an electronic holder. Each "HeatStick" contains about the same amount of nicotine as one cigarette. An electronic heat element warms the stick and releases an aerosol that the user inhales. The device costs approximately $80, and the accompanying tobacco sticks are comparable to the cost of a pack of cigarettes.
Heated tobacco products are highly addictive: IQOS and other heated tobacco products contain nicotine. Teens and young adults are easily addicted to nicotine. The US Surgeon General has declared that youth use of nicotine in any form is unsafe.

Menthol flavors are used to lure teens: For decades, the tobacco industry has used menthol and other flavors to attract young smokers. Menthol masks the harshness of cigarette smoke, making them easier to smoke and harder to quit. Menthol cigarette use is more common among young smokers than other age groups.