Can I use eero with my modem?

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Can I use eero with my modem?

Message par samanthaashort33 » 18 Mai 2021, 03:19

Many ISPs provide a single device that acts as a modem and a router simultaneously. If you have one of these devices, you should:

1. Follow the setup instructions in the eero app. When the app asks you to connect your gateway eero to your modem, attach your gateway eero directly to your modem/router combo device via Ethernet.
2. When prompted to create a network name, select a unique network name (SSID) for your eero network.
3. [Optional] After setting up your eeros, you can optimize the performance of your network by turning off the routing and WiFi functionality of your combo device. You do this by putting it in bridge mode. This step is not mandatory.

What if I don't have a modem? Some ISPs don't actually require their users to have a modem. (See Webpass, for example.) In these instances, users should skip the modem instructions and instead plug their gateway eero into the Ethernet jack on their wall.

If you have questions or need any assistance troubleshooting, just visit:
Eero Installation | Google Wifi Login
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