Windows Security Center Service Can't be Started Windows 10

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Windows Security Center Service Can't be Started Windows 10

Message par Marilyruth » 16 Jan 2020, 05:03

If you are facing ‘Windows security center service can’t be started’ error in Windows 10, there might be many reasons behind this. Here is the list of reasons behind the error:

The security center is not configured correctly, or your system is bogged down with malware which is preventing it from starting the system.

To resolve these issues, you need to install good antivirus software, scan and protect your system with that. After that, you may need to enable the security center service from the windows service section. You can do that using the task manager, go to the bottom of the services tab in the task manager and click on the open services link. Then you have to find the security center service and set the startup type to Automatic (delayed start). This should solve your problem with ease, restart the system to check it.

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