The last two features are very important and

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The last two features are very important and

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Online backup services Ian Kennedy Jersey , many companies and many products, the differences between these companies are in the features they provide, here are the most important features you will need when you choose your online backup services provider:

Easy to Use software Jorge Soler Jersey , Online Backup must provide you with an easy to use software client that is installed on your system.

Flexible and Easy to use Restore Options online backup must come with easy to use restore window

Automated online backup, the backup process must be automated, you setup your initial backup once and the system will do the backup automatically.

Online Access to Files Frank White Jersey , it must give you the ability to access and restore the backed-up files via a normal web browser on the website.

Fast Synchronization continuously replicates data from the source system to the backup one.

Scheduled backup allows you to run the replication according to your own time schedule. This could be daily, weekly, or certain days of the week.

Data Compression Online Backup must provide you with the option to compress data before have it pushed to the backup server; it will reduce the time of backup process.

Differential data compression a way to further minimize network traffic is to transfer only the binary data that has changed from one day to the next.

Bandwidth usage and this one of the advanced features used by services providers and it is user-selectable option to use more or less bandwidth.

Data Encryption for Secured Transmission the data must be encrypted while transmission between source machine and backup one using two standard security algorithms.

Transfer Data Encryption to prevent interception of data. This does not mean that the data will necessarily be encrypted during storage.

End-to-end Data Encryption your data will be encrypted on your machine and then it will be transmitted and stored on the server. This requires a client-generated key.

Good online backup companies make session encryption is not optional Kelvin Herrera Jersey , it is mandatory all the time and that for your security.

Data saved on redundant servers in case one server becomes unavailable, you can quickly access the other server for data restore.
Advanced Archiving Online Backup must support file archiving where files being overwritten or deleted could be kept in a separate archived location for future reference if you need them.

Advanced Reporting Online Backup must provide detailed report includes complete information about the backup session which includes foldersfiles that have been backed up, backup size Paulo Orlando Jersey , duration of backup and successfailure status reports. A summary report includes successfailure status report.

File Sharing it must allow you to share your files with your friends. This is very helpful for end users specially when dealing with large size files.

Opened File Backup it must give you the ability to back up files that are frequently left open, such as Outlook files (*.pst) or SQL database files. This feature allows IT administrators to run backup jobs at any time of the day.

Locked File Backup it must give you the ability to back up locked files when they are opened or closed.

Network Backup it must give you the ability to backup multiple computers, servers or Network Attached Storage appliances on a local area network from a single computer or device.

Multi-Site Backup it must give you the ability to backup data from many sites like at home and at work Salvador Perez Jersey , or at the primary site and data located at remote.

Your Privacy they must be committed to you that your data could not be opened by any mean, only you can open your data using password provided by you.

Remote Data Wipeout in case your device is lost or stolen, your critical data will be erased from your lost device and no one including who has you devices can access them.

Remote IP Address Locator when your device is lost or stolen it locates the IP address of your device and find exactly where it is and the contact information of the owner of the internet connection used in your device Mike Moustakas Jersey , these information will be used to get back your device again.

The last two features are very important and they are the newsiest features in online backup technology. They are available only in MDI Online Backup.

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