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Glorious Voice Choir performed a wonderful moment of celebration

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publié le 29/06/2023 à 12:59

The Glorious Voice Choir performed a wonderful moment of celebration on saturday June 24th in the Ambassadors of Glory Ministries International worship hall entitled Glory Experience Musical Concert.

Recently, the choir has become famous for its performances, which edify Christians and, above all, encourage the younger generation to serve God in sanctity, in spirit, in truth and without constraint. Last Saturday was an opportunity to present to God the fragrance of this dedication that the choir has been promoting for some years now. 

It was a beautifully orchestrated evening. From musicians to singers, the cohesion was there. The Glorious Voice Choir gave a selection of well-known music medleys and interpretations. The Glorious Voice Choir switched back and forth among the following titles:

  1. Mixage of call me favour/restauré by Deborah Lukalu
  2. The blood of Christ
  3. I'm miracle by Moses Bliss
  4. Assoiffé by Deborah lukalu

The people have tasted the talent that the Lord has given to his anointed ones. The choir received accompaniment from singer P-Bess, who, as he is so adept at doing, sang hymns to the Lord. Chisom Igwe was also on hand to honour the group, adding a touch of glory to the event. It was a wonderful moment that everyone will take away with them from this event, which is likely to herald further advances in the explosion of talent that the Glorious Voice Choir has in store for us. We're certainly looking forward to more good news. 

Camfaith, who attended the event, shares a selection of images from the musical concert. 


Leonard Awono, Camfaith


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