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Adoration and Music are in harmony at the Faith Music Festival

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publié le 16/04/2019 à 12:48

The second edition of the Faith Music Festival took place on Friday, April 05, 2019, an appointment now recorded in the gospel agenda of Cameroon.

The 7 thousand capacity auditorium of Faith Bible Church that served as the ideal setting to host this event, had a massive participation of Christians in love with real music that glorifies the beautiful matchless name of Jesus Christ.

The Faith Music Festival 2nd edition was a Platform of expression for Christian artistic talents in honour of Our Lord, with praise, worship, effecting deliverance, salvation and healing upon the lives of God's people, and our beloved nation Cameroon.

The festival brought together on the same Platform experienced and upcoming artists in the field of praise and worship. Friday April 05/2019 was the second edition, with several Gospel artists as part of this edition such as :

Ella Sara/ Atong Solomon Tass/ Ram’line/ Pastor Elie/ Chris Mbotake/ Mama Nso and many others.

With an intense festive atmosphere the participants thanked the Lord and are looking forward to the third edition in 2020 !




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